Service for Companies

Our Services: Are You Looking for
Angel Investors?

  1. We connect you with high-quality angel investors in Japan and abroad.

  2. We work for you as a trusted advisor. Initially, we provide you with management, finance,
    legal and/or IP/technology advice without any obligation to accept our investment.
  3. Once you become our partner, we help you grow profitably and globally and work together towards a mutually agreed exit.


Service for Companies

How Do We Help Small Companies?

We also help established small companies with years of operation and profits.

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Service for companies

How Do You Choose Funding Structure?

We can help you choose the best way for you to raise capital from a spectrum of securities.


Service For Investors

Are You Looking for Companies to Invest in?

If you are interested in investing ($10K- 500K) in startups or small companies (valued at $1 -10 million) based in Japan,
we can work together!

  1. We introduce you to promising startups and small companies in Japan.
  2. Together, we provide advice to our partner companies based on our respective expertise.
  3. Together, we grow our partner companies profitably and globally and towards a mutually
    agreed exit.