Who We Are

We provide a platform connecting global angel investors with promising startups and small companies primarily based in Japan.

We are a group of angel investors (all full-time professionals), including a New York lawyer, an entrepreneur with IPO experience, an engineer-turned-banker,
a hedge fund manager, an B2B IT expert, a public service expert and a manage-ment consultant, with decades of combined experience.

We have global experience in studying, working and/or investing in many different countries, including Canada, China, Denmark, Dubai, Netherlands, Japan, New Zealand, U.S. and U.K.


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We're passionate about helping startups and small companies grow!


What Makes Us Different?

Yakumi targets Japan-based startups and small companies with (i) unique product / service or proprietary technology, (ii) scalable business model, (iii) niche target market, (iv) viable financial planning, (v) global mind, (vi) long-term vision and (vii) amazing team.

Yakumi is different from the competition because (i) we focus on long-term organic growth and smaller market caps v. short-term ROI and larger market caps, (ii) we provide helpful resources from our respective expertise (while keeping our day jobs) and (iii) we do not take control and provide expert advice to run your business better and increase enterprise value.


The investment market for startups and small companies in Japan is significant, but Japan lacks high-quality angel investors (~55% of ¥1.8 trillion private savings are in the bank accounts).

Illustrative Market Landscape

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